About Learn To Drive Blackpool.

The Story

We wanted to offer the best possible service at the best possible hourly rates, after researching all possible options we decided that the best way to achieve our goals was to associate “Learn To Drive Blackpool” with a large national driver training company.

After speaking to and meeting several companies we came to the conclusion that Bill Plant Driving School offered the best options for both us and our customers.

Our first priority was vehicles, these need to be practical, easy to drive, comfortable and well equipped.  The VW Golf met all of those priorities.

The main benefits that our students gain from being associated with a national company are several.

1. Cars are replaced every two years so our students are always being trained in up to date vehicles.

2. If any of our cars are off the road for any reason your lessons are unlikely to be cancelled or re arranged because we can get a replacement car very quickly.

3. If you are unhappy with any aspect of our service you have recourse to a large company with a customer service and retention department to investigate your concerns not just a sole operator.

Our Learner Cars Safety Equipment.

Volkswagen Golf SE Match, 5-door, 1.6 TDI – Diesel:

Safety and convenience features for students.

For all new students we offer the first hour lesson for free when booked as a two hour lesson, this is to cover the time it takes to complete the necessary initial checks and paperwork. 

What Can We Do for You?

We offer many services from learning to drive to helping you feel safe and confident on all types of road in all types of conditions.

Driving lessons

Whether you are looking at booking your first lesson or you have had lessons in the past, speak to us about our driving tuition before speaking to other schools, we think we offer the best tuition and customer service in the Blackpool area.

We also offer Pass Plus courses for drivers that have passed their test but want to gain more experience and feel more confident.

Motorway Driving

Many people, when they first pass their test feel nervous or apprehensive about going onto motorways or fast dual carriageways.

We offer lessons on these types of driving skills to give you confidence and help make you much safer all round drivers.

Need Advice?

Give us a call with any questions or queries you may have.